Mind Capsules – For September the 12th

The Black Beetle – No Way Out
     Francesco Francavilla brings his latest creation to Dark Horse in all its pulpy glory.  The Black Beetle is so well done the character can stand tall amongst other pulp heroes of their ilk such as the Shadow, the Black Bat and more.  Francavilla spins a tight little mystery yarn for our hero making the book one of the best pulp books being published today.  All of the characters and situations are new including Colt City, the location of our story, which almost seems like a character itself.  Exciting and refreshing with an old-school feel, pick this book up in any form you can find it.  5 out of 5

Caligula + Caligula: The Heart of Rome
An interesting series from Avatar, Caligula spins the tale of the famous Roman emperor blaming his actions upon a demon who has possession of him.  David Lapham, author of the excellent Ferals from the same publisher, weaves his web throughout Rome and the various characters with one man out for revenge at any cost.  The same man falls for Caligula’s charms and perversions soon enough though and pays the ultimate cost with his soul.  Bloody, gory, but beautifully painted and well written.  3.5 out of 5

The Coldest City
Antony Johnson, writer of many things has created an almost perfect graphic novel with The Coldest City.  Taking place during the Cold War, just before the fall of Berlin, he sets up a game of cat-and-mouse that you don’t really see coming until the end hits you.  The art by Sam Hart is good, but sometimes just a bit sparse but really fits the story otherwise.  Almost impossible to put down, the book grabs your attention and never lets it waver until the end.  Great, great stuff.  4 out of 5

Nova – NOW! to Infinity
During the beginning of the Marvel NOW! launch we get introduced to a new Nova character named Sam Alexander, who soon gets his own ongoing book.  It had some fans in an uproar, mainly because of two reasons; one was the writer – Jeph Loeb and the second was the distinct absence of Richard Rider.  Surprisingly the book turned out really well with Loeb perhaps capturing a little bit of the magic from his earlier works.  Sam is young, but interesting and his family dynamic at home is really well thought out.  With a cameo from Gamora and Rocket Raccoon as well as some Nova Corps history thrown in for good measure, the book is off to a good start.  4 out of 5

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