Out of the Depths – Fathom Volume 1

Fathom was a book I had wanted to read for many years but just never did so for whatever reason.  As a big fan of both Namor and Aquaman it was the sort of book I would be interested in.  Heroes who could withstand the crushing depths of the ocean, who could possibly communicate with creatures wild and fantastical unseen and unknown to man enthral my imagination to this day.  And so recently I found myself in a situation where I was finally able to read the book.

Turns out it was a pretty good book, not great – but good.  As a first try, Michael Turner did a great job stepping into the creator-owned waters.  The art was top notch and the writing and the story was engaging as well.  The characters were all pretty interesting – Aspen, Cannon and most especially Killian.  Villains such as Killian, are almost always more interesting than the lead hero.  Perhaps it is because they are almost always more tragic than the main character and they are easier to empathize with.  Over the course of the series, everyone from Aspen on down was fleshed out as well as their little corner of the universe.  The book could have ended up a sad clone but instead stepped up its game.

The one thing that I disliked about the book was the giant head opening monologues at the beginning of each issue.  I found them just a little long-winded sometimes and instead of immersing me in the story they actually took me out of it a little.  For me, it was distracting and even a little boring in some cases.  Once you got past them everything picked up but I’d rather it had happened sooner rather than later.

Aside from one little blip, the books were quite enjoyable.  Loved the power-sets that we were presented with, which was not more of the same that we were used to in other deep-sea books.  Loved the world-ending storyline which was nice to see right off the hop – go big or go home as they say.  And Michael Turner on art – what more could you ask for?

4 out of 5

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