Trade Review – Batman: Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde is your quintessential Two-Face story.  The title alone tells you what you are in for.  Suffice it to say Two-Face is out to poison all of Gotham and cure every person of their separate thoughts and personalities by making everyone single being of thought and purpose.  Not only that, but he wishes to cure himself, and takes Batman along for the ride.

Duality plays a big part in the book and so we are treated to a lot of flashbacks and monologues.  Now those things aren’t necessarily bad things, but sometimes they can be too much.  Paul Jenkins did a fine job with it and the book overall, exploring the dichotomy between Two-Face and his personalities and Batman and his secret identity.  But there was just a bit too much of the introspection and Two-Face’s self-banter.  The best parts of the script for me were the interactions between Alfred and Bruce.  Quite humourous.

The art by Jae Lee and Sean Phillips was fantastic and even though they split the series down the middle it flowed very well as they are of a similar style.  These guys should always be on bat-books.

So it was a good mini-series, but not great as I was hoping it to be.  Paul Jenkins has written a lot of good stuff over the years, most notably Inhumans with the aforementioned Jae Lee but this series just did not deliver as well as it should have.

2.5 out of 5

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