Album Review – Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are (2013)

If you have not heard of Miles Kane, then now is as good a time as any with the release of his second album.  Now, Kane is not a new artist and has been around for awhile for those who are in the know.  He had a band some time ago called the Rascals – not to be confused with the similarly monikered band from the 1960s and was one half of the Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame.  For whatever reasons and for those in ‘the know’ a wee bit more than I, he has struck out and decided to record under his own name with striking results.

With his first solo album and even more so now with the second album he has created a solid and enjoyable rock record.  There are slight pop hints throughout – an influence more than likely from past efforts and the current music scene which lend a nice flavour to the songs.  The song writing is strong on the whole and I cannot really name a tune that I do not enjoy, though Taking Over and Give Up are especially strong.  The production is clean and the arrangements are pretty cool on songs like You’re Gonna Get It and First of My Kind.  The whole album is just put together really, really well.

I can only see good things for Miles Kane in the future if he keeps doing what he’s doing.  Hopefully a North American tour with a lot of Canadian stops is on the books.  Also really hoping for another Last Shadow Puppets album as the first was incredible.  But buy this album, get the iTunes bonus tracks and enjoy some really great music.

4.5 out of 5

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