Warlord of Mars Volume 3

John Carter, Warlord of Mars has always been one of my favourite heroes – be it in books, comics or the recent movie.  So when Dynamite be decided to publish a new series on the character (as well as a few others), I was quite happy.  The problem I have with the book though is that it is not the most reader-friendly book out there and it is not very exciting.

An additional problem that this volume encounters, which collects issues 19-25 is that it begins in the middle of an arc from the previous tome.  So, if you cannot remember why John and company are doing what they’re doing – then tough luck it seems.  And for a book that is one hundred percent alien landscapes and fantastic creatures, the art and story and the situations should all be top notch.

The basic plots are good and have the basis to be grandiose and exciting but they just never turn out to be that way.  I like Arvid Nelson, I just think he has to blow it up a bit.  The best thing about the series are the covers, which are always pretty cool.  Now, I am a huge fan, and will most likely always will be, but if you are a new reader than this book is not for you.  In this case, starting with volume one is the way to go.  I hope that Dynamite can get this book turned around sooner rather than later.

2 out of 5

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