Invincible Iron Man Volume 11: The Future – A Review

Volume 11 is the penultimate book of Iron Man’s fifth volume before the Marvel Now relaunch.  Written consistently by Matt Fraction and drawn by Salvador Larocca, it finishes off the series with Tony defeating his main villain, if not his greatest villain – the Mandarin.

For myself, this was not the greatest arc of the series and by no means was it a bad one, but it just sort of felt like it was running out of steam.  The story and art were serviceable and did the job well, but just seemed to lack the excitement that was present during the first half of the run.

There were a lot of Iron Man’s villains in the book, featured the return of James Rhodes (War Machine), had a whole bunch of Pepper and the Resilient team and of course, the Mandarin.  The Mandarin was his usual evil/terrorist-y self.  He has all the villains and Tony under his thumb with some grand plans to enact.  It’s a pretty standard Iron Man story.

The one thing I did not like was the new info/retcon that was revealed about the rings.  It was shown that either they were sentient all along or either they had the souls of sentient beings in them all this time.  What’s wrong with just cool, metal, weaponized rings?

As a finale for the series, again, it was not that bad but it just was not that great.

2.5 out of 5

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