Best Left Among the Dead – Aquarium of the Dead (2021)

Aquarium of the Dead is a film that should be all sorts of awesome. The title alone makes it sound as if there will be more than just the regular type of zombie one might see and who does not want to see undead sharks and whales and mantas and so forth? Such as it is, one gets to see a few reanimated animals as it were but the special effects do a disservice to what could have been an exceptional horror movie and that more than likely due to the non-existent budget.

The story would find some chemical that should have been destroyed fed to the animals of the aquarium where Vivica A. Fox, among others, work. This leads to dead sea creatures of various sorts coming back to life and others becoming extremely aggressive and if these were shown on screen, it would have made this movie worth watching. Suffice it to say, there was little action to be had, very little and the horror that the title seems to promote is missing entirely. It would have been great had there been any scares whatsoever, any sort of suspense or atmosphere or something, something that would have made the viewer sit up and take notice and yet that would not happen even a single time in all of its eighty-five-minute run-time.

As mentioned, the special effects were terrible and when there was the odd moment that a creature had to be shown killing someone, most of it was off-screen and the zombie sealife looked atrocious. The Asylum is not known for Oscar-winning pictures and when a person watches one of their films, they know exactly what to expect and while they have made some very bad movies over the years, Aquarium of the Dead is truly one of their worst. As far as the story goes, it was okay but everything else around it could have been better in every possible way.

1 out of 5

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