Worlds Collide – Chapter Fourteen: Gen¹³/Fantastic Four

The Cast: Gen¹³ (Fairchild, Grunge, Freefall, Rainmaker, Burnout), Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch), Qeelocke, Spider-Man

The Catalyst: The members of Gen¹³ go out on the town leaving Qeelocke back in their hotel room where things of course, start to go wrong.

The Convergence: The Human Torch, aided by Spider-Man, capture Qeelocke who seems to be clearly agitated and physically growing by the second which then finds Freefall and the rest of the gang get in touch with the Fantastic Four in order to get back their pet, not knowing that danger it currently poses.

The Critique: Kevin Maguire does a good job at bringing together two of the preeminent teams of their respective publishers together and does so in a manner that is both natural and thankfully, not through confrontation. The teams do not meet in battle, though there might be a couple of cross words exchanged and eventually, they do end up having a wee bit of a tiff but for the most part, they come together to solve the problem of Freefall’s missing companion who seems to be going through some kind of phase. This also coincides with the arrival of an alien creature on Earth who looks somewhat like Qeelocke and a creature that has made its way onto the radar of Reed Richards, who accompanied by his wife Susan, decides to investigate and figure out just what is going on. When it is all said and done, there is a bit of damage done to the city which as Fairchild and the gang point out, was totally the fault of the Fantastic Four and not that of Qeelocke, who if left to his own devices, would have done what it needed to do without causing any of the resulting problems. Maguire’s pencils are tight with his signature style and look and there is no doubt when picking up this book just who it is that has provided the artwork with just a glance. As for the story itself, it is not all that exciting and there is no villain to speak of which is not necessarily a bad thing but it was a little underwhelming. The one thing it did accomplish was making the Marvel and Wildstorm universes merge together as if they had always been one which made reading it really quite nice. Unassuming is the best word to describe this book and due to that fact and the feel-good nature of it all, makes this a crossover worth picking up.

The Credits: Kevin Maguire – Writer, Kevin Maguire – Artist, Karl Story – Inker, MyPlan Animation – Colours, Richard Starkings & Comicraft – Letters

Companies Involved: Marvel Comics, Wildstorm

Chronology: January, 2001

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