Worlds Collide – Chapter Five: Spider-Man/Gen¹³

The Cast: Spider-Man, Gen¹³ (Fairchild, Rainmaker, Grunge, Freefall, Burnout), Glider, Lynch

The Catalyst: On assignment as Peter Parker, he is stuck in traffic when he decides to swing to his gig as Spider-Man when he is suddenly attacked by the woman named Glider.

The Convergence: It is only a coincidence that Spider-Man and Gen¹³ come together, the attack by Glider taking place near the concert venue that the kids just so happen to be attending but as the story moves forward, it is discovered that said meeting was not so coincidental, merely Spider-Man’s being there.

The Critique: For a congregation between two of comics’ best properties at the time of this being published, the story was a little lacklustre. It was not a bad tale per se, it simply was not very exciting, the best word for it being muted. The choice of villain made sense in the context of it all but where is the big bad that heroes usually team up for in an event such as this? Stuart Immonen is a good artist but there was no energy behind his pencils it seemed for this particular book, though given everything that would take place within these pages it is easy to see why. All of it revolves around parents and their children, said parents trying to be good ones and life not making it easier for them. Life is hard and David does a great job at pointing that out here and there are moments within that it becomes a little dramatic because of it. It does make for a different type of crossover for sure but people who would have picked up this book were most likely expecting a larger-than-life threat that would bring Gen¹³ and Spider-Man together, something that would require each hero’s specific skillsets. On one hand, it was nice to see something original, even refreshing but it would also be disappointing as there would be no over-the-top action and in the end, the latter might have made for a better book. It is still worth a look no matter one’s expectations, thoughts, or feelings though as this would be the only chance to see Gen¹³ and Spider-Man come together.

The Credits: Peter David – Writer, Stuart Immonen – Artist, Cam Smith with Andrew Pepoy – Inkers, Joe Rosen – Colours, Richard Starkings and Comicraft – Letters

Companies Involved: Marvel Comics, Image Comics

Chronology: November, 1996

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