Issue by Issue – The Human Fly #17

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Bob Lubbers
Inker – Don Perlin
Colours – Ben Sean
Letters – Clem Robins

Bill Mantlo begins this tale from the point of view of a little girl whose camera is stolen by some would-be thief. Thankfully The Human Fly is on the scene, thanks to an upcoming stunt and so being the good guy that he is, he means to set things up in a certain way in order that the man and his partner are unable to get away. Despite a possible setback, everything works out for the best, the two men are stopped and with a little investigation by The Fly and the cops, the reason for theft is discovered. On the camera film, one of the men can be seen sabotaging the cannon that The Fly is going to use in the stunt meaning he would have been hurt or worse had he gone through with the stunt. A plan is put into motion for the stunt to move forward with a dummy substituted in its place. As things progress and it is shot out of the cannon, elsewhere another couple of thieves are going through to rob and bank and once they bust through the door, they find The Fly and the cops waiting for them, the plan deduced after discovering the sabotage and before the stunt went forward. The book wraps up with the little girl getting a new camera and The Human Fly finally performing his big daredevil act successfully to the delight of all in attendance. More than any other story in this series, it would read incredibly fast, taking no time at all. Whether it was because Mantlo and artist Bob Lubbers would consistently keep the pace up from the start or there was not as much to it as other tales, whatever the reason it was over before the reader would know making it slightly refreshing and yet leaving them wanting more. Altogether, it would turn out to be written and drawn well and a nice, yet quick excursion from the everyday.

3 out of 5

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