Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #76

Writer – Tom DeFalco, David Michelinie
Artist – Jerry Bingham
Inker – Chic Stone
Colours – George Roussos
Letters – Michael Higgins

Whenever an issue of Marvel Two-In-One starts out with Ben Grimm taking it easy, no matter what he is doing and whether with Alicia or not, one has to know immediately that bad things are headed their way. Here, The Thing and Alicia are at the circus enjoying a nice day out with their friend Bill Foster whom Ben has invited along so that he might take is mind off of his condition, which is far easier said than done. As it is, they are all having a good time when Tom DeFalco and David Michelinie cut away to what is going on in the Big Top. There it sees the Ringmaster entertaining the crowds and thinking back on his past, of when his parents were killed in the war and how he had to struggle going forward. Now, he has the means to make it big in the world and more importantly, to strike it rich. So it begins when he hypnotises the crowd, all that is but Alicia who is unaffected due to her being blind, so that he might rob them. It is here where the real excitement begins for when she is discovered and she cries out, it is enough to wake Ben from his stupor and where the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime thought they had it easy, it turns out to be the opposite. Also at the circus, though not inside but hearing the commotion, is Bobby Drake – better known as Iceman, who heads inside to give a hand. The two heroes have their hands full as they are outnumbered, but one by one, the villains fall and it is not long before the Ringmaster tries to cut and run. He of course fails and when it is all said and done, the good guys having won with the general public safe from it all. Overall, this was quite the fun issue and it is always a good read when the Circus of Crime is involved, what with their unique abilities and the silliness that they bring to the table with their gimmick. Iceman was a fine addition, though he could have been swapped out with any hero for Ben to team up with, so generic was the role he played in the story. Also nice to see are the writers keeping up with Giant Man and his battle with the disease that is killing him. Quickly paced and enjoyable without wasting the reader’s time, this book hit all the right notes.

4 out of 5

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  1. Talk about your complete mismatch! The Circus of Crime is a decent foe for a street level superhero but against The Thing and Iceman??? This would be over in about 5 minutes in reality….but still a fun tale to read. You’re getting to the home stretch of this series,given any idea of doing “Team-Up”?

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