Four Colour Thoughts – Young Justice #1

The Creators – Brian Michael Bendis – Writer, Patrick Gleason – Artist, Alejandro Sanchez – Colours, DC Lettering – Letters

The Players – Jinny Hex, Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, Teen Lantern, Amethyst, Dark Opal, Topaz

The Plot – Young Justice reunites after an invasion by the houses of Gemworld.

The Take – With the revival of Young Justice, a title Peter David once made famous many years previous, it also heralds a number of returns within its pages. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, the man looks to strike gold with this team of young heroes and he is surprisingly off to a very good start. The first of these comebacks is that of Gemworld, home of Amethyst and it finds the royal houses in a state of unrest thanks to the various Crises that the Earth has gone through over the years. To that effect, they look to make a statement and what better way than to challenge and defeat Superman on his home turf. Suffice it to say, given the title of the book, Superman does not show up and instead, a number of familiar heroes who once populated the title alongside a couple of new faces, do. Tim Drake, Impulse, Wonder Girl and Superboy all make their way back to the printed page, though just where Impulse and Superboy have been is anyone’s guess and will hopefully be revealed at some future date. There is a new Green Lantern named appropriately enough, Teen Lantern, not that another was needed and there is a girl from Texas who seems to be a little more than she seems, going by the name of Jinny Hex which can only mean one thing as to who she might be related to. So alongside an otherworldly menace, that being the champions of Gemworld, there is also the return of a team long disbanded, but now back and ready to fight. Drawing it all is Patrick Gleason who does a great job at handling the ton of action that is packed between the pages of this first issue and it all looks as good as one could have hoped. Bendis has seemed like a man rejuvenated after moving to DC and that continues here as the story is a lot of fun, if a little too rushed in its telling, the man not usually known for done-in-ones, though it does end on a cliff-hanger with the Princess of Gemworld which more than makes up for any flaw as the story will obviously continue. For readers of all ages, those who have been around a while and those new to the book and DC in general, Young Justice is a title that gets it right and entertains from start to finish.

Worth it? – Yes.

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  1. This was a really fun issue. Young Justice #1 was a great start to this series, Brian Michael Bendis has done a great job with it. He always seems to write team books better than solo character titles IMOP. Nice artwork in this issue as well, looking foward to seeing how this sereis develops.

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