Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #42

Writer – Ralph Macchio
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Alfredo Alcala, Sam Grainger
Colours – Nel Yomtov
Letters – Joe Rosen

Busting into Project Pegasus, a place that was supposed to be impregnable, The Thing is more than a little angry as he has heard that Wundarr is being held against his will. If he were a man with the faculties of one, Ben would probably not be so upset, but Wundarr is like a child, one that is frightened and scared and when he sees his ‘Unca Benjy,’ it is heartbreaking to say the least. According to Captain America, Wundarr is an illegal alien in the United States and in the literal sense too by being an extraterrestrial and as such, they have every right to hold Wundarr there and do essentially as they please which does not seem right to Ben in any sense of the word. Ralph Macchio and Sal Buscema bring this tale to life and though it begins on a sour note, it gets better after an accident takes place during the experiment between Wundarr and the Cosmic Cube. The accident itself is tragic and it enrages Ben to no end, but he realises that it was sabotage and so he and Cap head off to bring the perpetrators to justice. From that moment on, it is a manhunt and it takes the heroes to a fairly remote location where they come into contact with the man responsible and it is someone they once thought defeated. With this issue, Macchio peppers the book with little cameos and references to other issues not only in this series, but throughout the Marvel Universe and it is a fun read in that sense for those that remember said issues. Doing as such also piques the interested of the reader to go back and check out the books if they have forgotten them and it lends a little history to the current story which is always one of the better things to have been found at Marvel. As for Wundarr, it was strange how he was written out of the books so long ago, his plot forgotten, but now that his fate has been revealed, it is definitely not one of the better revelations to rear its head, especially as it seems pretty inhumane to treat the man-child as such. Whether scientific study or not, whether they think he will be safe or not, Wundarr is a living, breathing person and should not be treated as a lab rat, especially given his level of intelligence. Though it would have been nice to see The Thing take off with Wundarr back to safety and Ben tear the place down around them, the story is not quite over as of yet and perhaps the fate of Wundarr will be revealed later on, not to mention the battle between the heroes and villains of the piece.

3 out of 5

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  1. Can’t say I ever liked the pencilling of Sal Buscema. I adored his older brother John’s work, he was some kind of genius and he was a hero of mine. His Conan will always be definitive. Looking back, mind, I have to wonder, it couldn’t have been easy being Sal, the lesser of the two. His work was serviceable and fitted the Marvel style of the time, and I assume he was quick. But I never liked it.

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