Good Advice – Don’t Look in the Attic (1982)

Horror, like anything, can be good or bad. It can be great, it can be awful, it can even be both in some cases – just ask Roger Corman. As for Don’t Look in the Attic, originally known as La villa delle anime maledette, it mostly falls on the side of bad with little to redeem it and not for lack of trying.

The story concerns a family, a couple of brothers and a cousin who have inherited a house and the only way to keep said dwelling is to live in it and never sell it. Silly to be sure, for what if both had families or whatever life might bring? As it is, the family members move in and surprise, surprise – the house is haunted.

Films about haunted houses are a dime-a-dozen and sadly, this is not one of the better ones. It has a catchy title which essentially tells the viewer that there is going to be some kind of horror up there in the attic or otherwise, and the audience knows that at some point, the characters in the film are going to look there. For the most part, the movie is ponderous and moves fairly slowly. It is not always a bad thing as many of the best horror films build up to something, taking its time in order to engage and sometimes surprise the viewer. Here, it fails to do that and when it comes to the spirits or ghosts of the place, they also fail to impress.

Everything about this movie is fairly bland, though director and writer Carlo Ausino does inject some good atmosphere about it all, enough so that despite its faults, it intrigues enough to keep watching. When all is said and done though, spending one’s time elsewhere is probably for the best.

2 out of 5

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