Uncharted and Undiscovered was… – The Lost Continent (1951)

When a rocket goes missing somewhere on an uncharted island, it is up to Major Joe Nolan and his crew to go and find it and retrieve the component they need out of it. To do so will mean having to make their way through an undiscovered land and to brave dangers they never thought they would ever see in their lifetime, creatures thought the-lost-continent-15to be extinct from eons past.

Directed by Sam Newfield, The Lost Continent is an adventure film that takes some time to find its footing. Most of the movie is spent focusing upon the characters, which is normally not a bad thing, than upon anything else. The problem is, when you focus upon this mysterious island in your advertising, your posters and even the title of the film itself, you expect to see a good chunk of what you are watching take place and featuring that exact thing. There are dinosaurs present in this movie, but they only appear during the final act or so and it is a bit of a shame because it is those dinosaurs that are the draw, not their human co-stars. That is not to say that Caesar Romero and the rest of the cast are not any good, because they are and they put in some good performances, but you are literally tuning in to see ‘The Lost Continent’ and not featuring that as much as possible is a disservice to the audience.

the-lost-continent-8As for the dinosaurs, the stop-motion used to make them come alive is a little rudimentary, but even so, it is still quite magical and because of it, you can forgive anything that came before no matter how taxing it might have seemed. Even then, it was not as if it was all that boring, it simply could have been cut down a little so that the pace of the film flowed a little smoother. There are a number of dinosaurs shown, namely a Triceratops, a Brontosaurus and a Pterosaur and they look good, if a little tame. A little more research on the part of the various writers and special effects department might have made for better action sequences, but as far as what we received, they did an all-right job.

While it would have been nice to see a lot more come out of this motion picture, it still managed to entertain which is paramount to the viewing experience. You can tell there was an obviously low budget and though it managed to shine through every now and then, the fact that they put dinosaurs on the big screen is enough to forget all about it and make The Lost Continent worth at least one view.

3 out of 5

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  1. I Talked to Sid Milton about Lost Continent. I met him at a Hollywood event. He told me,“We climbed around that fake mountain for days with no net below us.”

    Milton also said, “Lost Continent was ahead of its time.”

    I guess he was referring to it coming before the Jurassic Park movies. But for sure, he was proud of his movie.

    I’d be proud too if, as director, I could accomplish that many scenes and action on an 11-day schedule.

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