Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #10

Kamandi #10Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

At the moment, Kamandi has no idea if he is going to make it out of the predicament he finds himself in or whether there is anything that Ben or his friends can do about the situation. As it is, the giant Bats are trying to kill them all, now able to enter Tracking Site thanks to the machinations of The Misfit – the resident telepath who was keeping them all at bay. It is because The Misfit wishes to release Morticoccus, the deadliest germ the Earth has ever seen so that it will wipe out humanity and he might rule over whatever is left. It had seemed that after Kamandi had stopped him and the Bats started to invade that The Misfit had decidedly changed his ways, yet it was all a ploy and he still has death and destruction upon his mind. Things move both fast and furious in this issue as creator extraordinaire Jack Kirby paints a picture of life and death. More than any other, this has to be Kamandi’s greatest trial yet, for if he fails to stop The Misfit, he and the rest of the population upon the planet might perish. It is fortuitous then, that Ben, Renzi and Steve are there to help out, for without them they would all surely have been lost. One of the better things that Kirby manages to accomplish is advancing Kamandi’s characterization through ancillary and supporting cast members. Whenever Kamandi is around Ben, he seems more confident and sure of himself. It is as due to the fact that Ben is an intelligent and thinking human being that Kamandi almost gains a measure of strength, knowing that he is not the last human on the planet and that if Ben Boxer and his friends exist, there must be others. It is true that Ben might not be absolutely one hundred percent human anymore, but it is the closest Kamandi has come thus far and being with them makes Kamandi a stronger character. An interesting note on the cover of this book is that there are two versions – one that says Rats and one that says Bats. The reprint in the Kamandi Omnibus says Rats so you would have to assume that it is the actual cover that went to print and the one that says Bats was doctored by DC. That, or there were simply two covers or maybe a different print run. A curiosity for sure that in no way hampers the fantastic story within.

4 out of 5

Kamandi #10a

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    • I really only noticed it when reading the book, especially as one ended with them being attacked by the bats. When looking the cover up, it has bats on DC’s database, but rats on the printed cover that I was holding in my hands. Strange.


  1. This is great Kirby- it is amazing how many ideas are packed into this issue. You have genetically engineered mutants, a secret evil/dangerous science project, and a semi-sentient disease. And man-bats! Basically, this is about ten Warren Ellis issues of ideas in one issue. Yes, the pacing is insane and the characterization is nearly non-existent- nevertheless, this is a fantastic comic book.

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