Mind Capsules – Captain America #22 and Vampirella #2

Captain America #22

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Carlos Pacheco
Inker – Mariano Taibo
Colours – Dean White, Lee Loughridge

Dimension Z returns!  It turns out that today is not a good day for New York when Dimension Z opens a rift into our time and place.  While this is going down Maria Hill and New Fury are talking to Cap, who has aged drastically, about them keeping Gugnir to which of course, Cap is not happy.  It also seems like Jet and Falcon have a little something going on which is a nice turn of events.  With Arnim’s return and his connection to the Red Skull, which may or may not tie in to the upcoming AXIS event, and Cap’s ailing condition, our hero is feeling more useless than he ever has before.  This issue was a nice interlude between the last big arc and the next one.  Cap is in an interesting position in this book, being stuck between people he cannot trust and people he has to, not that the Avengers are people he has not put his faith in for quite some time.  It is not being able to do anything that hurts him the most when there is nothing he wants more than to be out there on the front lines. The betrayal he feels at the hands of SHIELD will make for some intriguing storylines coming up, especially as they tie into this series stronger than most others in the Marvel Universe.  Also great was Falcon getting a little screen time as Sam Wilson which does not happen too often and in a relationship, of a sorts.  Why the Falcon has not had a solo series in the last twenty years is a mystery, but hopefully one that will be rectified at some point.  A very good book chronicling Cap’s ongoing trials and tribulations.

4 out of 5

Vampirella #2

Writer – Nancy A. Collins
Artist – Patrick Berkenkotter
Inker – Dennis Crisostomo
Colours – Jorge Sutil

Vampirella is having a very bad day.  She is having nightmares, no doubt caused by her having gone through a ritual where she is slowly being merged with the Lady of Shadows, sister to Chaos.  Her apartment is being taken away from her and her partnership with the church is at an end because she has become impure, more so than normal.  Oh, and there is a church hit squad out to take her down and she must team up with the Nosferatu she usually kills so as to get rid of the curse she is saddled with.  So, bad day through and through.  Nancy A. Collins keeps on delivering much as she did with the first issue and it is turning out to be quite an enjoyable read.  With equal parts drama, action, and horror, Collins has struck a nice balance in the book and it is nice to see her looking forward instead of back with these new tales.  Patrick Berkenkotter’s art continues to look just as gorgeous as the first issue’s was, if not better.  It has a very clean look to it and the inks and colours by Dennis Crisostomo and Jorge Sutil really makes it pop off the page at times.  It is nice to see Collins bringing in other vampire races to the book as well as a bit of origin to Vampirella for the new readers.  Nicodemus of the Malleus Maleficarum is an interesting addition to the cast and looks like he will be a formidable foe for our heroine.  So far, this book has been a pleasure to read and and with a great creative team at the helm looks to be another hit for Dynamite.

4 out of 5

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