Digital Neurons – For September the 23rd


Spies of Warsaw (2013)

David Tennant turns in another dramatic foray in this spy thriller from the BBC.  A good show, but nothing exceptional as it is a pretty by the book suspense flick taking place just before World War II.  Taking place in Poland and consisting of two episodes totalling three hours, it is a little slowly paced though entertaining, but nothing that has not been seen before a dozen times over.  Worth watching for Tennant’s performance alone and the slick production values if nothing else.

3.5 out of 5

Run (2013)

A short little series about four separate yet interconnected episodes about the tragedy of life and family set among the lower-class.  There are no happy moments here but there are great performances by all involved and it turns what could have been a run of the mill show into something really quite good.  Lennie James who is impeccable in everything that he does, plays a recovering addict trying to make it good with his family again while Olivia Colman is trying not to let hers fall apart trying as best she can.  Katie Leung is trying to provide for her family and Katharina Schuttler is trying to survive the death of hers, specifically her husband.  Each episode is a different tale that flows into the next woven together by a single incident.  Not a new concept in television, but one that works when done correctly.  The show is bleak and depressing and was meant to be so, but most episodes end with a tiny spark of hope.  Not an easy view, but a good show nonetheless.

4 out of 5

Heroes of Cosplay Season 1 (2013)

A great little reality show about the pitfalls and possible triumphs of dressing up in costume and doing what you love no matter the cost.  Sure some of it is staged as in all reality shows, but enjoyable and interesting to see just what some people will do to win a competition.  Yaya Han shows us her skills as one of the world’s leading cosplayers on the show and through her work.  Others who are featured throughout – not so much.  Some are good, some are petty and some are just terrible.  Six episodes of reality fun.

4 out of 5

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